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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  April 7, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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lick. from the first local station with news in high definition, this is 9news now. >> we begin with breaking news from northwest washington. the school was under lockdown for most of the morning after a report of a weapon on campus. and police took two of the students into custody.
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investigators are still trying to sort everything out. our lindsey mastas joins us from northwest with the latest. lindsey. >> reporter: everything is back to normal now. classes resumed, but it was a very intense morning. it started around 8:00 a.m. with a call to police that there was somebody inside with a gun. police got here. they did not find any weapon inside the school, but they began to canvas the ground. that's when they found a gun in a vehicle. >> our students here -- >> police say they have taken two students in custody after finding a gun in the back of a car. >> we have identified two persons who were in the vehicle at the time. >> neither of their names are being released, police have been working on a search warrant so they can recover the gun. >> there is some weapon that we are investigating as to what type of weapon it is. whether or not it was a firearm or bb gun or, you know, one of those plastic guns that look like a real gun that you can
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buy at surplus shops. >> police say it is still illegal. it was a very intense morning. the school remained on lockdown for 30 minutes. the danger is over. >> the campus is open and there are no concerns right now for any parents or people coming on to campus. >> charges are still pending and of course, as we get more information, we'll bring it to you. live in northwest washington, i'm lindsey mastas, 9news now. thank you very much lindsey. our campaign 2010 coverage today is focusing on maryland. because just a short while ago, former maryland republican, governor bob urlich announced he is running for his old job. he lost his reelection bid in 2006 to the current governor, martin o'malley. well, we have another great day on tap. summer weather in april is catching most people by surprise, so here's the live
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look outside, as you can see, it is gorgeous. also going to be hot. so let's get right back to our meteorologist, howard, who is here. welcome back, howard. >> thanks jc. great to be back on a great summer like day around here. watch out western maryland, red flag fire alerts. you have to be careful. the air is dry and with the breeze out there, fires can spread easily. let's talk about what is going to happen. this is going to be the last really hot day and tomorrow the transition day before the cool air returns. you see all the storms towards chicago? that's ahead of a cold front. that is going to bring an end to this hot weather. we have been dealing with record heat and one more day today, we could set some records. i think, you know, dulles at 84 in 1991 is going to fall. martinsburg is going to be close. as was washington and
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baltimore. dulles wasn't around until the 60s. that's why their records were set in 1991. we are sitting at 79 at national, but culpeper is 88. leesburg is 88. manassas and gaithersburg at 84. there's the bay breeze, annapolis only 65. so we definitely have a chance for a couple of records. this weather will not last very long. we will get cool again, so don't play up the stuff yet. i'll be back in a few minutes with that seven-day forecast. thank you. five people have been hospitalized after three early morning shootings. one shooting happened last night in clarksville. two victims were also shot and two others along alma avenue. kristen fisher has the latest now from howard county. >> i was in shock. >> jean jackson woke up wednesday morning to gun shots. her home in north laurel was
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caught in the cross fire. >> i literally jumped and when i jumped, i didn't even think twice. i went into the kids bedroom and just like, get low to the ground. >> this is jean jackson's home and it was struck by six bullets. four of them right here and this is all while her husband was actually asleep on the couch just on the other side of this window. >> it was very close. it was right next to us, so i'm still in shock. >> two people were shot outside jackson's home around 1:00 wednesday morning. just minutes earlier and less than a mile away, more people, both juveniles were shot outside of an apartment complex. all four victims are in the hospital. three are in serious condition. one is in critical. now, howard county police are trying to determine if the two shootings are connected. so far, they made no arrests and it is making jean jackson nervous to leave her home. >> i'm scared to even go to work. you know, because i have to go to work at 2:00.
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and i don't want to go. >> in laurel, kristen fisher, 9news now. >> two more victims of the deadly mass shooting in southeast washington will be buried today. last night, friends and family of 17-year-old tevon nelson paid their final respects. nelson was one of four people killed in last week's shooting on brandy wine and south capital street southeast. three people, including a 14-year-old have been arrested. tevon nelson's mother told bruce johnson that the city needs more youth programs. >> they need to have something in the community for the young youth so they have something to do instead of hurting each other. there's not enough recreation. there's not enough programs for them to do. if it is kids, that's what they need to do. >> late yesterday, dc mayor fenty promised to restore money, cut through groups that
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work with youth in order to eliminate trouble. >> well it appears that the district and dc's teacher's union reached a deal on a new contract. under the tentative deal, features will get a 20% increase over five years. and most of that money will come from private funding. the agreement also includes teacher bonuses for student performance. union members must ratify that agreement and the dc city council has to approve it. >> we are going to turn our attention now to the latest on that deadly mine explosion that occurred in west virginia. rescue crews have finished drilling the first hole, but there is still no response from the four workers trapped under ground since monday's deadly mine explosion. katherine brown has the latest from west virginia. >> reporter: crews are making steady progress, drilling down into the west virginia mine where four men are still
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missing. >> they decided to put a third hole beside it, because that will give them more ability to extract, if you will, and vent. >> they are cutting through a thousand feet of earth to ventilate poisonous gases. >> if you are a miner under ground and heard the drill drilling, you knew people would be coming after you. >> monday's massive under ground explosion killed 25 miners and sent two to the hospital. four other men have not been located and the hope is that they made it to an airtight chamber stocked with food and water. the families are comforting one another as they wait for any word from under ground. some 15,000 west virginiaens work in the mines and live with the dangers every day. >> when a man goes under, he knows, you know, that that could be it. >> the energy company has a
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questionable safety record. in 2009, the upper big branch had more than 450 safety violations and nearly $900,000 in fines. >> every rock will be turned over, so to speak. >> the chief executive insists the mine was safe and says what happened monday is still not clear. katherine brown for cbsnews, whitesville, west virginia. >> our coverage continues on and learn while penalties against mining companies are up 200% and how an insect may be the future of mine safety technology. for the first time since 2001, virginia will celebrate confederate history month. governor bob mcdonald quietly issued the occasion. virginia served as the capital of the confederacy for most of
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the civil war. the governor's decloration makes no mention of slavery. we would like to know, what do you think? is it important to honor this part of virginia's past or does it just promote racism? history? you can cast your vote today online by going to still to come when we come back, police in rural virginia are on the hunt for the gunman who opened fire on motorists. and it appears that the allergy season is starting early. coming up, we'll have some tips to help ease your discomfort without drugs. we'll be back.
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a luxury yacht goes up in flames and it's caught on tape. the boat caught fire off the coast of florida yesterday. a fellow boater pulled the couple to safety after they jumped to escape the flames. fire crews tried to save the boat, but they couldn't. >> a radio dj from charlottesville, virginia, is fighting for his life. he was one of two people shot along the blue ridge parkway. the gunman remains on the loose. police say that he opened fire on a man and woman who are enjoying the sunsets in agusta county on monday. the man fell 150 feet off an overlook and police say the woman fought off the attacker and was picked up by a passer
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by. >> she evidently was quite the young lady. she just didn't give up the ghost. >> police shut down part of the parkway yesterday looking for clues, but the parkway has since reopened. howard is back. we'll have your forecast. >> yeah, one of the things about this summertime heat, the tree pollen has come up. the tree pollen high, the wheat, the grass, the mold is so high. it might be gone and not too far from now. we'll talk about when things will get back to normal when 9news now returns.
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flowers are in bloom and pollen is everywhere. this is definitely the season for sneezing for people with allergies. many are feeling those spring allergy symptoms a little bit sooner. experts say it is causing many sufferers to feel under the weather in the dc area. dr. martha white offered some tips on how you can limit your exposure. >> if you keep the windows and doors closed, turn on your air conditioner, that keeps the pollen outdoors. when you are driving in your car, keep the windows up. the pollen count is 90% of what it is outdoors if your windows are down. over the counter medications can help control symptoms, but doctors say limiting exposure is the most effective way. >> it is only 7, but a lot of
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people are running their air conditioners. the temperatures today are going to be very high. this is the busiest time of the year for air-condition technicians. as people turn on the air conditioner for the first time, sometimes they can find problems. techs will check out everything inside and outside your home. >> key important, make sure the refrigeration levels are fine, and all the parts are operating as well as they can. >> don't forget that important filter. some you can just take out and rinse, but it's a good idea to keep your air conditioner clean so that it runs efficiently. >> when you see the pollen count that just came in, i just checked the fax machine, you are going to know why your throat is scratchy or your eyes are watering. the tree pollen, today is one of those days you are going to know it, because it is 4,000 per cubic meter.
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>> we are welcoming howard back. >> it's only been three weeks. >> i know, we missed you. you look great. >> i am feeling better. i had a little back surgery. >> and you are walking so much better. >> it's amazing what can happen. it's good to be back. good to have independence again. hey, let's get to it weather wise. the allergy update, going to start with that. the tree pollen through the roof today. 4,000, you can -- grass, wheat, and mold are low and with the breeze out there, we are up to the fire danger. we are going to be worrying about. one thing to consider, the guys, the colorado state university bill gray, have been hearing that name for years. for the atlantic tropical season, calling for 15 named storms. eight of them becoming hurricanes. not until you get up to 75 miles an hour to become a hurricane. four of those will become
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hurricanes. the reason they are upping their forecast, let's say over last year, because the atlantic is relatively warm. so you have a better fuel source and a dying el nino. too much wind sheer, so you don't get the tropical waves that develop. hot today, we are going to be around 90. tomorrow, low 80s. some spots may pop to 85. tomorrow evening, early tomorrow night, we have going to have showers and storms. the cooler weather moves in friday. the high on friday only about the 60-degree mark. enjoy the heat today. not too humid and breezy at times. southwest winds 10 to 15. tonight is going to be another mild one, upper 50s to upper 60s. sunset, 7:37. and then tomorrow, not as warm. this is a chance for late day thunderstorms. some of those could be heavy. highs 80 to 85. southwesterly winds. you can see the readings already in the mid 80s in
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baltimore. easten, 81. southwest wind coming off the bay will keep these areas colder while culpeper is 88. same with haggerstown. oakland, maryland, even they are in the low 70s and in richmond, 86 degrees. locally, we are watching the numbers pop on. sterling, 87. that's a record there, because the old record at dulles was 84. 94 downtown, i don't think that's going to happen. right now, national, 77. the water really planning a number. laurel, 88. and brandy wine checking in, annapolis, 65 thanks to the bay breeze. 79, the wind off the water keeping it cooler south at 15 at national where the dew points have risen into the middle 50s. what we are looking at is a big area of showers and storms out to the west. you can see it here across chicagoland, coming into detroit, up towards buffalo. this goes way back here with a
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southwesterly flow. that is what we are dealing with. north of this boundary, it is colder. boston, a lot cooler than what we are going to be seeing and we are going to watch this. this is our next weather maker. no real problems here. we are at midnight, it's all quiet except mild and ahead of that system, it's getting warm and looking at the showers and storms thursday evening, pushing out of here by the time we get to friday morning and mountain snow is returning. it's going to be that cold. 90 today, 82 tomorrow with a late day thunderstorm. much cooler friday and saturday and a nice finish to the weekend. upper 60s to around 70. we are going into the kitchen when we return. stick around.
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get selsun blue for itchy dry scalp. strong itch-fighters target scalp itch while 5 moisturizers leave hair healthy. selsun blue. got a clue? get the blue. locally grown ingredients are the stress. he's had one of my favorite restaurants. oh my god, the food is delicious and what do you have for us today? >> i'm going to make chicken hash and first of all, i want to show you the eggs, how beautiful they are. different colors, different shades. hash is a dish, you are going to use egg as a binder and have a few different flavoring ingredients. and you want to put those in there, you want to crack an egg for me. >> i can do that. >> a special one. >> can i ask you, what's the difference between a white egg
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and a brown egg? >> it's all in the breed of a chicken. >> taste isn't any better? >> well, farm raised versus commercially produced. farm raised is awesome. can't beat the flavor. i threw in some corn tortilla chip and scallion. we are going to basically toss that together and put a little salt, a couple cracks of pepper there, and i have some olive oil here. i have this hot cast iron skillet. >> i love cast iron, that's the best. >> here's what we are going to do. toss it together like that. boom, hear the sizzle? >> uh-huh. >> we are going to put it in our oven. we are going to cook it for ten minutes. >> oh, okay. just get it warm and put it in the oven. >> and then we are going to do an egg on top. >> okay. >> and here's one from the oven. >> now that looks good. we are going to do a couple over easy eggs and toss it
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over. what i have here is a little enchelada sauce. smells so good. >> it does. howard is here. >> hello. >> we have that. we are deglazing that. we are going to do the egg. >> let me remind our viewers that the recipe is on our website, again, we are featuring executive chef, steven lucas from wildfire in tyson's corner and that looks wonderful. he brought us a pie. >> a little strawberry rhubarb pie and i did some crab cakes benedict with the eggs. >> wildfire in tyson's corner. see you tomorrow. >> we are going to continue but we have to say good-bye to our viewers. see you at 5:00 a.m.
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the 3-d technology wipes out the guess work. >> she is a young woman and very attractive and yet she didn't have teeth. as a matter of fact, she was missing most of her upper teeth. >> he uses the cat scan as a guide as he extracts every tooth and smooths the bone, clearing the way for eight implants. >> we completed the preparation part of the procedure. >> dr. mark adams picks up where dr. jensen drops off. you can see the four titanium
12:28 pm
implants. they are just screws to hold the new bridge in place. >> that's what is so great about the center. in an hour, i'll be able to see these teeth become somebody's new smile. >> scott adams is a dental technician who created her new teeth. he is truly an artist, while the surgeon are in the next room, scott is just a few steps away, taking cues from them about the shape and size of the bridge. her teeth are complete. dr. adams adjusts the upper and lower bridge in place. if you are watching this and wondering, it's because of personal neglect or trauma, your mouth is too severe a case -- >> people should know no matter how bad their dental condition is, it can seem worse. >> here's one patient that was almost toothless. here's another story of a changed face, a changed life. we were anxious to see carlene. >> no more bad trips to the
12:29 pm
dentist. it just ended. okay. >> i just couldn't believe it was real. i was still waiting for somebody to come and take them away or had to take them out and i don't ever have to take them out, because they are stuck. they are there for good. they are bionic teeth, permanent. >> to start her new life, she takes the dental appliance she hated and says good-bye. >> i am going to kill it. >> oh yeah. that felt great. exhilarating. >> freedom. >> and these don't come out. have you stopped smiling? just come to clear choice where you can have a beautiful new smile in just one day. call 703-343-4260 for a free consultation or a free seminare. that's clear choice.


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